My Top Picks from Herbivore – Part 2

We are continuing on with Part 2 of Herbivore favourites with the final 3 favourite products I recommend you consider from this skincare brand. If you have not read part one and the reasons why Herbivore is not only an aesthetically pleasing brand but also incredibly effective in improving skin quality, I recommend you check… Continue reading My Top Picks from Herbivore – Part 2

My Top Picks from Herbivore – Part 1

Seattle-born brand Herbivore has been huge in the US for several months now, and recently arrived at SpaceNK here in the UK. This post will dive into my Top Picks from Herbivore. In my last post 'Beware the Top Shelf' I discussed why normally a brand packaged and coloured to be so 'insta-worthy' makes me… Continue reading My Top Picks from Herbivore – Part 1

Beware the ‘Top Shelf’

Brands that spend more money on packaging than the ingredients in their formulas don't care about your skin. How do you know when your Top Shelf is actually ruining your skin?   Why this obsession with pretty skincare? As usual, social media in general and the popularity of Into The Gloss 'Top Shelf' promotes people… Continue reading Beware the ‘Top Shelf’

Cruelty-free cosmetics – why it matters

This blog post is all about cruelty-free cosmetics and WHY it matters. This is a blog which is not only science-backed, but also cruelty-free going forward! I have learnt a LOT since researching into animal testing. I feel a responsibility to the readers of this blog to only share the most amazing products that are… Continue reading Cruelty-free cosmetics – why it matters

Make-up Q&A (for skincare lovers!)

In the last 5 or so years, skincare routines have become a top priority for many people. This is wonderful as skincare can do amazing things for your skin condition and health. At the same time, the idea that skincare = good! make-up = bad! has been championed. Today I will answer some of these… Continue reading Make-up Q&A (for skincare lovers!)

The Ordinary CEO drama got you searching for dupes?

For those not following DECIEM (parent company of popular skincare line The Ordinary) on Instagram, you might not know that the CEO and founder, Brandon Truaxe has caused a lot of controversy in recent weeks. Even since I first drafted this blog post 2 weeks ago - the controversy has continued to escalate. The Ordinary… Continue reading The Ordinary CEO drama got you searching for dupes?

Marine Skincare ingredients – worth the hype?

Big-name brands such as Elemis, Seacret and La Mer (which literally means 'The Sea') have been strong advocates of using marine skincare ingredients and sea minerals as a fundamental part of their skincare range. Other brands such as Mac and even The Ordinary are following suit, where popular marine skincare ingredients include plankton, algae and… Continue reading Marine Skincare ingredients – worth the hype?

Why I don’t endorse eyelash growth serums

Black pigments such as kohl have been used to colour and enhance eyelashes since the bronze age. This trend has become more optimised with fancy mascara formulas, stick-on lashes and lasting dyes, and I don't see the trend dying down any time soon. One of the most exciting scientific advances in the beauty world in… Continue reading Why I don’t endorse eyelash growth serums

Top 10 products by The Ordinary

Often people I speak to say they can't afford to buy the best skincare that is out there. With face creams at £200, surely that has to be the best quality option the industry has to offer, right? WRONG. (Thank goodness!) This blog posts explores my favourite products by inexpensive brand The Ordinary, and products… Continue reading Top 10 products by The Ordinary

11 things better than collagen supplements

It's the new year, and many of us are trying our best to start some great habits. If having clear, healthy and glowing skin is one of your ambitions this year, you may have considered entering the world of collagen supplements. There are countless supplements on the market promising 'firmer and healthier skin' and often… Continue reading 11 things better than collagen supplements

Australian Beauty

Ah, Australia. Talk about only appreciating something once it's gone! I lived in Australia all my life, up until a few years ago. As I am going back for a Christmas visit in less than 2 weeks, I want this post to explore all the things I miss about Australian beauty, skincare and the general… Continue reading Australian Beauty

Gemstones in Beauty Products?

Gemstones in Beauty Products - The potential benefits and what to avoid.  Aveda, Kora Organics and many many more brands are embracing gemstones in skincare products I have had a rock collection since I was about 6 years old. I guess the interest came from my father, who I always thought was pretty cool. He… Continue reading Gemstones in Beauty Products?

The 3-Step Routine – should you follow it?

So you’ve bought the Clinique cleanser, which you love, but the lovely assistant has told you can’t have beautiful skin or the ‘best results’ without also buying the toner and moisturiser, as part of their ‘amazing 3-step routine’. Been there! In this post we will explore when it is wise to follow a certain ‘set… Continue reading The 3-Step Routine – should you follow it?

Hourglass Lighting Edit Palette Review

Let's explore the 2017 limited edition Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette - Volume 3! Because sometimes you need glorious things in life.... General This isn't the first time I have discussed the glory that is Hourglass. You can check out the first article I created about the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder here. The palette features no… Continue reading Hourglass Lighting Edit Palette Review

Madonna Skincare Range “MDNA”

Madonna has released a 6-set product range, plus 1 'tool'. In this post I will investigate the claims and the hype of 4 of the most talked-about products from the range. I already have some regrets.... If you type "MDNA ingredients list" into google...... guess what comes up. A whole HEAP of articles about how to… Continue reading Madonna Skincare Range “MDNA”

Don’t get that facial!

I have been asked about professional facials many times before....and haven't posted about it on the blog as I am aware it is a bit personal, a bit judgmental and just not as simplistic as discussing certain ingredients in products. Judging what beauty therapists do as their occupation, and what people like to do as part of their… Continue reading Don’t get that facial!

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara….Worth the hype?

      In a word.....yes. Some other words: It is close to impossible to take a cute photo of your own eyelashes. Anyway! If you search for 'L'Oreal Lash Paradise Reviews: you will get no less than 825,000 results. But if you are smart, which I believe you are, you will just read this… Continue reading L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara….Worth the hype?

Two-step cleansing

  Two-step cleansing and 8000 hilarious stock photos of people washing their face? What more could you want in a blog post? I like to think I know everything about everything (naturally!) and thought my cleansing routine was perfect. That was before I was exposed to the glory that is two-step cleansing! Shall we inspect… Continue reading Two-step cleansing